“Naughty or Nice” with the Win!

The world of web series entertainment got funnier in January of this year with the creation of Bengleton Socks by Comedian Brian T Shirley.

Bengleton Socks is a family friendly web series revolving around fake sock commercials for a fictional sock company.

Brian began receiving accolades immediately when several episodes of the series were being accepted into film festivals such as the IndieWise Online Film Festival, The Mountain of Laughs, and Marquee on Main, among others.

It seems the praise will not end any time soon as his holiday episode, “Naughty or Nice” won 3rd place in the Macoproject Online Shorts Festival!


If you have somehow missed the Bengleton Socks web series, you can watch all of the episodes on YouTube, or right here in our magazine. They are witty, smart, and you won’t be disappointed.

Do yourself a favor and take a comedy time-out!




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