Never Give Up on Your Dreams



I think of how many times that we hear when someone is successful, how lucky they are. The reality for most people is that along the road to success, they have experienced many difficulties and setbacks. The most important thing is that they never gave up on their dream. They simply committed to the goal and never gave up even when obstacles came along their way. The sad part is that when most people give up on their dreams, they are just about ready to have a big breakthrough.

Every successful person will tell you that they stuck with it and they never gave up. Persistence is the key.

When people use the word “Lucky,” these phrases come to mind. The harder I work, the luckier I become. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. If you work hard and you never give up no matter what, you will be successful.

There are so many stories of people that have achieved success where they overcame some amazing hurdles and obstacles. This is why I believe it is important that we read and learn about people that have overcome failures to become very successful. It is inspirational.

What are you feeding your mind with? What are you reading? What are you watching on TV? What type of music do you listen to? When you turn on the radio, what type of shows are you listening to? These are all important questions. It is vital that you fill your mind with positive information.

Let me encourage you this week to read a biography about someone that came from nothing and overcame setbacks and failures to achieve success. You will find some amazing stories. Some lived in their cars. Some of them overcame abuse. Some of them have battled with addictions and were set free.

Let me share this story about a man who refused to give up on his dream.

When Jim was 14 years old, his father lost his job, and his family hit rough times. They moved into a VW van on a relative’s lawn. Throughout all this, Jim had a dream to become a famous comedian. He was so dedicated to his craft that at the age of 10, he mailed a resume to the Carol Burnett show. After school, he took an eight-hour a day job just to help his family make ends meet.

At the age of 15, Jim put his first comedy routine on stage. He was wearing a suit that his mom made for him and in this performance, he completely bombed. While many would have quit here, he was undeterred.

At the age of 16, he quit school to focus on comedy full-time. He moved to Los Angeles shortly after that. He would often park on a famous street and visualize himself having success. One of those nights, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars. In the bottom part of the check in the left-hand corner he wrote, “For services rendered.”

He dated that check for Thanksgiving of 1995. Just before that date, he hit his payday with a movie called Dumb and Dumber. Obviously, you now know I’m talking about Jim Carrey. He put that deteriorated check (which he kept in his wallet the whole time) in his father’s casket on the day of his funeral. Jim Carrey never gave up on his dream.

Life is short and life is a journey. Let me encourage you this week to write out your dreams and then write out a plan. Turn your dreams into a reality and no matter what happens……………………


Blessings and success to all of you!



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