Never Give Up

How many times have I heard that. Follow your dreams “never give up.” I have a bucket list. Does that qualify as a dream folder?

l do find satisfaction in crossing another experience off the list. But I haven’t had a well-defined dream since I was small.

Barbara Niven has told me to follow my goose bumps and I would find my purpose.  I’ve been doing that, searching for my purpose. I did what she said and found that in every circumstance my “goose bumps” involved helping people.

How can I best prepare myself to do that? My search lead me to Dr. Brené Brown’s research on vulnerability, and finally to Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic.

Decision and action time, now I have a well-defined dream. What I have found and continue to find is indeed sweet.

I will continue to share my journey in my next article. Stay tuned…


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