NEW AHR Worldwide WebTV Series “Who are You?”


NEW AHR Worldwide WebTV Series “Who are You?” – Premieres Friday Night 8pm EST January 18, 2019

Former Def Jam and Universal Records Recording Artist is on a Mission from God.


Crystallea Monroe is our newest member of American Hearts Radio Entertainment Ministry Network. Her dynamic talent is fused with the realities of everyday lives as she interviews people from all walks of life to give truth and recognition to those that are making or have made a difference in our communities. She also interviews those that have a voice and a testimony to the harsh reality of living on the streets and those walking in faith with Christ Jesus.

This Web TV Series is filmed at The Hands and Feet Foundation, Jacksonville, Florida.

Who Are You? premieres Friday Night 8pm EST Jan. 18, 2019, only on American Hearts Radio WEB TV. It’s a behind the scenes show about the building of a non-profit organization for suicide prevention and holistic, faith-based recovery. Hosted by Founder Crystallea Monroe, former Universal Records Artist and Stylist.

Who Are You Empires Is building “HOLLYWOOD on Wheels”- a mobile media salon that will go around and make over the city and hearts of Jacksonville, starting where it needs it the most—the streets; working with local mission Hands & Feet and American Hearts Radio filming every step of the way. We are building communities, business and educational opportunities, and spreading the word of God. Join in and see how real it gets! Who Are You Empires Inc.

wrue-copyWho Are You Empires is a natural rehabilitation haven built in an outdoor living setting. In this epidemic of mental illness and addiction, we must start treating the mind, the body, and the spirit as what they are—one entity. We are modeling our rehabilitation program after a successful Italian rehab that offers degrees in 50 trade degree programs and has been 72% successful for 40 years against America’s 30% at best in treating mental illness, drug addiction, and suicidal behavior. This program was started by the former mayor of Milan. 

In April of 2019, we on the board plan to attend a seminar at the rehabilitation center, San Pangniano, to find out what we can add to our program in hopes of even more success.

Who Are You Empires is here to help those who have lost their way. We are in the process of looking for land for individual housing to provide for rehabilitation and healing for those whom are in recovery or have circumstantial obstacles keeping them from being their best selves. These houses are tiny and will all be themed with creative arts trades like cosmetology, culinary, mechanics, carpentry, physical and spiritual fitness, horticultural, arts, music, and more. 

Each person rehabilitating will be offered the opportunity to receive an education degree or technical certificate. Those willing to finish the program will be given the opportunity to use the knowledge and education or degree given to build their own business. 

A mobile business will be a traveling educational center to help raise awareness, funds for each tiny house, and spread education and gifts among the city of Jacksonville to those most in need. 

Who Are You Empires believes in order to completely rehabilitate you must have the tools to fully change your path in life, a way to financially survive and continue growing during and after recovery from mental illness, drugs, or suicidal behavior. Who Are You Empires wants to instill passion for living, success in recovery, a journey to happiness and finding purpose in life, and becoming productive citizens in society. Teaching quality of life by replacing the hole of addiction or blackness from depression with creative visions that can bring them financial stability and worth, dignity inside again, and have them truly living the dream. Spreading love and growing businesses and education person by person, city by city, nation to nation. 

Hollywood isn’t where dreams come true, Who You Are is how dreams come true. A new W.A.Y.E. of educational healing for all those in need of truly living. Wake up, there is no tiny pill to fix everything. We must work on the inside to bring the human back to humanity. Who Are You Empires believes in you. Believe in yourself, the rest is up to you and God.

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