New York’s Hammond Museum’s Abstract Artist Extraordinaire Osiris Munir


New York’s Hammond Museum’s Abstract Artist Extraordinaire Osiris Munir Can Now Add Author to Her Body of Work with the Release of Her New Book Nita

Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2021) – Osiris Munir, a member of the New York Hammond Museum and Japanese Gardens is officially now a published author with the new release of her new book Nita.

Nita is a memoir about Munir, a Vietnam-War era veteran who recounts her life from the streets of Waco, Texas to the runways of Milan, Italy and ultimately her reaching the lights of Hollywood.

Munir’s story exposes her tumultuous journey for gender, racial, sexual, and economic equality in a society of inequality. Nita will forever change the way we think about race, sexual assault, mental health, and what is acceptable under tough circumstances.

Nita offers an inspiring testament to Munir’s own determination, resilience, and the power of believing in oneself. In Nita, Munir painstakingly deals with topics of the human soul such as anger, forgiveness, loneliness, fear, depression, and mental health.

Through the eyes of Munir in Nita, she establishes insight that there is a path through the pain that provides wisdom. Through suffering. Finding strength and through fear, finding the courage to move forward.

Nita is an amazing story of Munir’s life’s twist and turns. Some delightful. Some uplifting. Some downright unpleasant and others are utterly strange. This empowering depiction of resilience, strength, and encouragement will remain a moving keepsake that will empower future generations for years to come.

Nita the paperback and hardcover can be purchased through online vendors such as Barnes and Noble,,, 33 1/3 Publishing Book Depository, Google, Better World,, and World History Encyclopedia.

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