Sometimes A Dream Becomes Reality… In A Book

When Dreams Come True is a story that reflects Thompson’s spiritual core. One reviewer suggested there could be “harmony” in all aspects of life: men and women, men and horses, educators and students, and even citizens and their government officials.

Finding Kendrick Johnson

When the family hired their own Forensic Pathologist, not only did he find KJ’s organs missing from his body during the autopsy, he determined the cause of death to be from non-accidental blunt force trauma. To this day, no one knows where KJ’s organs have gone.. So what really happened to KJ?

Europe’s First Magical Entertainment Center, Created by European Illusionist Florian Zimmer, On Pace Again to Open in Germany

His reputation as a top-rated entertainer has earned him praise as one of the finest illusionists/magicians worldwide.


Featuring an impressively diverse and balanced set of fascinating interviews from both sides of the aisle, THE ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT is an educated examination of the most controversial election in modern history...

Etheria Film Festival Brings Official 2021 Lineup to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, June 7, 2021- Etheria Film Night ( is returning to Screenland Armour Theatre (www.screelandcom) on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 9:30 PM. 


Interview with Chef Cory Harwell

Cory brings his expertise, adventurous spirit, and culinary skills to his Carson Kitchen Restaurants in Las Vegas, Alpharetta, and Salt Lake City.

Interview with Paolo Montagni of Great Mountain International Records

As we chat with him about his role as a judge with JB Dondolo, Inc.’s “Music For Water” campaign we find out about his incredible outlook on life. 

Lumbie Mlambo: Founder of JB Dondolo, Inc.

To remove barriers to accessing basic needs that underserved and impoverished communities face. JB Dondolo, Inc. firmly believes that access to clean water is a human right. 

Cut & Mix: Aaron Heimes of e360tv

Vanessa Hundley aka DJ Audioprism talks streaming and more with e360tv's founder Aaron Heimes, a brand development project manager using his skills to grow a streaming television platform that embraces independent and unique voices and visions.

Cut & Mix : Berny Martin of Catou Fashion House

Follow his journey from his humble beginning in Haiti, where he first learned sewing basics, to the world stage on which he presents his creative vision.


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