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Nick Compise is a psychological mind reader who will deliver an extraordinary experience for you and your guests, prepare to be amazed! From an intimate gathering to an audience of several thousand, Nick has a stellar record of astonishing audiences throughout the country. Committed to excellence, Nick prides himself in providing the highest quality of services to his clients. This commitment is why Nick is in constant demand!

1) Nick, you have a fascinating profession! Could you please explain for our readers what a “psychological mind reader” is; your journey to becoming one, and looking back on your experience, what advice do you have for others?

Psychological Mind Reader is a title that I created which covers what I do. To put it simply, I read people’s thoughts but I’m not a psychic. I’m using natural means to do what I do. I offer two services—entertainment and speaking. My entertainment program takes people into a world of fantasy and wonder. In my speaking program, I teach people how to read body language and detect deceptive language.

Growing up, I was a very shy person. If I didn’t know you well, I didn’t say much. As a kid I had no interest in magic, I played sports all year round. In my senior year of high school, this is back in 1996, I started training in martial arts. I became very good at it, and I got my first experience in teaching people at the dojo.

I think it was in 1998 when I saw a magician on TV doing these cool mind reading effects and that is what sparked my interest. Over the next several years, I started learning mentalism which was the type of magic that I saw being performed. This was just for fun to perform for family and friends. During this period, I went to college, graduated, and started my career as a schoolteacher.

As I was getting more into mentalism, I decided to try and make a living at it. This all had a hand in preparing me later to be in front of large audiences. In 2005, I started performing in restaurants doing walk around/strolling entertainment. One thing led to another and I had the opportunity to perform a stage show. I put one together and it went well! I felt comfortable being up on stage.

In 2006 I got into swing dancing. This was an incredible boost to my career. What I discovered is that not only is this fun, but people of all walks of life do it. It was through this hobby that I met some great people who helped my career along with their connections.

As I started my career as an entertainer, I also started learning about body language and detecting deceptive language. This was stuff I never knew about and I found it fascinating! I was learning this on the side; it was just for me, for my own self-knowledge. I’m the kind of person, when I get into something, I really get into it. I started learning these skills anywhere and everywhere I could and put in countless time and effort researching, training, and developing my abilities.

What started happening is after a performance or when I was at a networking event pitching my service, people were so fascinated with what I could do that they started asking if I taught these skills. As more and more of this happened, I decided to create a second service. This was when my speaking program, which I call “True Thoughts,” was born.

After all these years, I’ve been blessed to perform and speak throughout the country in some of the finest venues imaginable. So far, it’s been an incredible journey! It’s funny how life works out. You have plans to do one thing and then other forces come into play, guide you into other activities, and the next thing you know you’re on a different path that’s even better than you imagined. The best advice I can give is, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Try new things and develop as many talents as you can. It’s through this that other great things will happen for you. This is what attracts people to you.

Many people are afraid to try new things because of a fear of failure or they’re worried what other people might say. It’s this mentality that prevents people from reaching their true potential and living a better life. Don’t be afraid to fail. Remember, you have some control over the message. What you will discover is that if you tell people you’re doing some activity and you tell it with excitement and joy, they will get into it. If you act like what you’re doing is corny/dumb, then that is how they will view it. If you don’t believe in yourself or in what you’re doing, then why should someone else? When people hear that you’re doing these activities, it may inspire them to try it or something else that they have always wanted to do, but for some reason were afraid to.

Don’t get me wrong, there are always going to be people who don’t support what you do, want you to fail and stay where you are in life. I’m telling you that it’s more about them than you. Your success and you trying to improve yourself in any area of your life only reminds them of their failures. It’s because of this that people will try and talk you out of your dreams. If you succeed, they will be left behind. Your success will be a reminder to them of their own shortcomings. That’s not your issue, it’s theirs! Don’t worry about the nay-sayers! Keep moving forward, keep bettering yourself, be honest with yourself, live in reality and acknowledge what your weaknesses are in order to improve. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be in life, and never give up!

2)  What can people expect from your brand of entertainment?

When I’m performing, I will read people’s thoughts, influence their actions, and predict the future. My performance will capture the imagination of you and your guests. I can offer either a stage/stand-up and/or a strolling performance to accommodate my client’s entertainment needs. Both types of performances are filled with audience participation, humor, as well as mind-blowing demonstrations that will create those out loud and/or jaw dropping reactions of amazement from your guests.

Some things I do involve the entire group, a few people, and/or one person per effect/routine. I dress professional and I don’t use any inappropriate language. What’s great about what I’m doing is I’m giving people this cool, unforgettable experience while keeping it harmless and fun!

3) I would also like to know about your speaking program “True Thoughts” and can you give us any examples?

This program is incredible and will change your life. Individuals, companies, organizations, and colleges have benefited greatly! What I’m teaching is empowering, motivating, and fun! I love hearing from clients who tell me how great they’re doing thanks to these skills. This is more than just a speech, it’s an engaging learning program. I offer two speaking topics: True Thoughts-Body Language and True Thoughts-Detecting Deceptive Language. Both are perfect for both your professional and personal life. These are lifetime skills that can be applied anywhere in the World. Your R.O.I is incredible! No prerequisites are required for this program—Guaranteed results!

Knowing how to read nonverbal tells can give you a great advantage into understanding someone in each moment. Imagine being able to observe people and pick up on an emotion they are experiencing without them saying a word. The skill set that you will learn can also be used to make you a better communicator and more likable person.

Being able to detect deceptive language is critical in life. There are different tactics that someone will use to deceive you and by being able to recognize these tactics, it will put you at a great advantage when dealing with people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personal or professional life, people will try to manipulate you to do something or believe something. Now with this skill set, you will be psychologically prepared to counter any tactics that are being used on you and discover the truth.

Some people may not know what they can use these skills for. To get you started, here are some questions to ask yourself: Are you looking to build a rapport with people? Improve sales? Are you looking to be more successful when selecting the right candidate for the job? How about when interviewing for a job? Are you looking to be able to determine if people are being honest with you? Would you like to be a more powerful negotiator?

Some things to consider if you can only learn one of the topics—When reading body language: to apply this skill you must be able to see the person whether in person or on TV/video. When detecting deceptive language: it can be applied when talking face-to-face, over the phone, listening to someone on TV, radio, video, and typed messages email/social media. When it comes to detecting deceptive language, the average person can detect it about 45% of the time—on their best day, around 54%. This isn’t good. With the skills learned in my program it will take you to a 90% detection rate. No one can ever be 100%, it doesn’t exist. Not even polygraph tests are 100%. The skills that you will be taught puts you at a huge advantage.

As far as tips go, here is one. Whenever you must talk to someone about an important topic—interviewing, trying to find out what happened in a situation, negotiating, etc… never sit at a table if you can avoid it. Try and arrange it so that when you have a discussion with someone, you can see their entire body. The table blocks half of a person’s body. They could be giving off tells with their hands and/or lower body that could be a red flag and you would never know because you can’t see it.

4) How have you used “True Thoughts” in your own life?

I use these skills daily! A couple of examples: I talk with numerous people every day who are looking for an entertainer and/or speaker for their event. By using these skills, I’m able to close far more bookings. Potential clients don’t want to tell you everything and by understanding the language they are using, I know whether this person is serious or not, even when they’re saying they are definitely interested.

Anytime I watch the news regarding any events taking place, I know who is telling the truth and who isn’t; I know exactly which news shows are more honest than others. If I have some free time and I’m discussing a topic with people via social media, I know who is being dishonest.

5) I smell a good book coming from all this, could my nose be correct? Or maybe a video series? Both?

Anything is possible. I’m always thinking of the best ways to get my program to people so they can have these skills. I’m going to be doing much more with social media. Coming soon will be free, individual videos regarding body language and detecting deceptive language on my Facebook page. For those who want to learn some tips and tells go to Nick Compise – Psychological Mind Reader and like the page. This way when a video is posted you will see it.

6) Final thoughts? Warnings?

I get asked, “Are you always on guard and reading everyone?” NO! It depends on the conversation. If it’s important to me, then yes; if it’s a meaningless conversation, then no. Don’t think that if you learn these skills, you must be on all the time. It’s your choice. You can instantly switch it on anytime you want. The more skilled you are, you will automatically notice the tells physically and verbally.

When it comes to detecting deceptive language, everyone lies. Let’s get that out of the way. Some lies are petty/harmless and other lies are harmful. Example: If I ask someone what’s the temperature and they say 74 and then I check my phone and it says 75, I don’t care!

When it comes to reading body language or detecting deceptive language, you need to be properly trained. There is a lot of bad information out there and bad information can cause you to misread someone. For example, in body language when a person crosses their arms most people automatically believe that the person is defensive; that’s not necessarily true! Crossing your arms is a comfort position. What if it’s cold outside or what if this is what they like to do? If the person is engaging with you, answering your questions in a polite way, asking you questions back like a regular conversation, how are they defensive? Don’t just jump to conclusions.

Anyone, no matter how skilled they are can still be deceived or miss a tell. No one is perfect and no one is immune. Even the greatest martial artist can still get hit but with their training, it’s much more difficult for someone to land a punch—same thing with these skills. Being properly trained just makes it more difficult to be deceived. Proper training puts you at a greater advantage, but people of all walks of life can be fooled.

Substitute credentials are not the same as real credentials. What do I mean by this? I hear people say, I’m good at detecting deceptive language because I’ve been in business for 20 years. What does that have to do with anything? They say: I’ve been negotiating for a long time, I raised three children, I have a master’s degree, I’ve been interviewing people for job positions for a long time, or some other substitute credential. I don’t mean to minimize this, but it means nothing. Unless you were specifically trained to detect certain language, you’re not good and are vulnerable. Remember, unless you’re trained, you are (at best) at a 54% detection rate. I’m telling you so you don’t fool yourself. If you don’t want to learn these skills or you don’t think you need them, that’s fine, just don’t fool yourself with the substitute credentials.

The ones with no real training who use these substitute credentials are the people who get burned the most. They allow their ego to get the better of them and unknowingly let down their guard and that’s when it happens. Regardless of your skill level, always be on guard in an important conversation.

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