One Day Closer


“Walk the Turtle” 1/9/2017


Goals and dreams we strive toward may seem unreachable and hopeless, yet the intuitive voice that guides our consciousness will push our determinations.

Moments that pass and whispers of words spoken are carried within the depths of our mind, body, soul and spirit, gather our experiences and move forward.

We use wisdom and courage to achieve levels of contentment and peace that once tormented the emotions of our heart, a collective mesh of awakenings.

Those that seek the paths of purpose and destiny will detour down other paths and be redirected back to the main path after we have felt the pains of life.

Lessons we learn by the struggles and challenges endured will test our concepts and understandings of the definition of insanity, raise our heads to the sun.

Walk the turtle with inspiration and gratitude knowing turning points we reach are a step toward the milestone of self-victory by realizing we are one day closer.


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