One Nation Under God


“Walk the Turtle” 7/2/2017

andre-benz-240456Unfolding passions for life are seen around the whites of each human eye, a window into the blue skies of time we transcend as a spiritual fabric woven in red.

Our freewill and strength found in the soul embodies desires to each sacrifice we have known led by our faith in love, a belief in humanity’s destiny is a true peace.

Scars of war wounds felt as we touch the face of sorrows reveal explosions of sound as fearlessness protects our sovereignty and freedoms to inspire by dreams.

Honorable souls shed their blood for those that have cried out in bondage and pain, for bravery and courage cover those captive and soft-spoken in deep silence.

As chapters pass the years ahead hold uncertainties of each moment we are allowed to breathe, inhale the taste of freedom sewn inside colors of our flag flown.

Walk the turtle giving it your all, knowing the preservation of our liberties allows us to grow as we the people stand and unite our hearts as one Nation under God.


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