Open the Door to Freedom

“Walk the Turtle” 3/13/2017


We pace ourselves toward many challenges we know we must face in life, each of us has our own unique way of dealing with the obstacles inside our mind, a soul knows faith is the key.

To become aware and determined to reach the destination of self-discipline, practice love and compassion for yourself and become humble to your creator for the gift to live and breathe.

To let go of old ways and mindsets, to gain the courage to not allow the negative influences to lead you into temptations, to give yourself time to heal and transform with grace spiritually.

Emotions in motion along with constant changes and struggles each day are the elements of eventual renewal of character, being alone in solitude plays an important role toward peace.

Walk the turtle with admiration for your spirit, become one with your mind, body, and soul; remind yourself many doors will open and close in life, be brave to open the door of freedom.