Our Connection


“Walk the Turtle” 1/20/2019


Inside the thick fog of confusion, a blurry vision of haunting images seems to spin around within memories of yesterday’s thoughts and moments.

Echoes of voices, laughter, and cries replay deep in the grieving soul as waves hit the shore and ocean mist fills the air; we are but a grain of sand.

Seasons are changing as dusk begins to cover each day, a spinning world of contentment and despair circles upon our emotional walk through life.

Happiness lost among troubled times as blessings pour out among the stars; we hold the key to overcome our fears and loss as love prevails in time.

Sentimental streets and back roads of dirt are met by the crossroads of peace as we wander into tomorrow’s challenges uncertain if our end is near.

Walk the turtle without bitterness or resentment inside our hearts as we surrender to the orchestration of a divine presence felt by our connection.

I feel you each day, your spirit lives inside my soul. I am one day closer to holding you in heaven. I love and miss you, Brittany.

Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash