Our Precious Time

“Walk the Turtle” 5/1/2017


As we emerge into another moment in time, we leave behind memories that have shaped our character and beliefs, our eyes witnessed truths beyond illusions.

How amazing it is to sit inside the stillness of chaos, to look upon the scars that once bled sorrow and pain, to embrace the changes of spiritual transformations.

We share a world with many creatures along with an unlimited array of nature’s romantic forms of life, a magical beauty of inspiration felt by the senses of soul.

Surrounded by the clouds of constant storms, we keep traveling forward toward our final destinations as we gather wisdom of heart during our human experience.

Developing understandings of ignorance and brilliance, forging new paths while facing new challenges, trailblazing new formulas and strategies, we are pioneers.

Our practical purpose of survival among the basic elements that create harm to our fragile mind, body, and soul are dealt with by our ability to adapt and awaken.

To speak in frequencies of positive vibrations, to study the starlight inside our DNA, educate ourselves to the laws of physics, realize some things we can’t explain.

Walk the turtle with magic in your thoughts along with faith in your actions,  remember the goodness inside each smile we see as we slowly unify our precious time.