Overcoming Adversity in a Time of Fear


The definition of adversity is an adverse or unfavorable fortune or fate. It is a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.

None of us are immune from adversity and we are all going to face it some time in our lives. I have found when things are going well, we tend to take them for granted. I have been guilty of that myself. However, when adversity comes, it can change our whole way of thinking.

Recently, we all have been faced with adversity. The coronavirus is something that none of us have experienced in our entire lifetime. There is no doubt about it, that this has been extremely challenging. As I keep reminding myself and I tell others, we are going to get through this. We will become better and we will become stronger. But the question comes up, how are we going to overcome this adversity or any adversity that we face?

Each of us should always set goals and keep focusing on them to have a life of victory. In order to do that, we must develop endurance to overcome the challenges we face. We must make a commitment that no matter what we go through, even when there are moments of uncertainty, we will remain positive and focused.

Remember to keep a positive mindset. Your thoughts are important and you have to remind yourself that you will get through the tough times. Getting past adversity requires a change in your belief about challenges. It is not what happens to you, but it is how you respond to it; that’s the most important thing.

When we go through adversity, we have two choices. We can choose fear or we can choose faith. It takes way more energy to live a life full of fear than it does to live one that is full of faith. When it comes to faith or fear, it is either going to be one or the other because they cannot coexist. When your desire to overcome becomes greater than your fear, overcoming adversity will be much easier. Fear will always make an attempt to stop you while faith is designed to give you energy, confidence, and the energy to keep moving.

Keep in mind, we are all going to have disappointment and failures in our lifetime. In order to succeed, we must fail. Don’t let the disappointments get you down. You must realize that every disappointment is getting you prepared for your destiny.

Sometimes life can get us down, but we must pick ourselves back up. You are strong, and you are a winner. You have big dreams built up inside of you. Stay focused and no matter what, never ever give up. Anything is possible if you refuse to quit. If you want to be a winner and a champion, overcoming adversity is all part of that. Keep the right mindset, Choose faith over fear and make the decision that you are going to march through and never quit. You are an overcomer and designed for greatness.

Six months from now or even sooner, you can sing this with a big smile on your face, “I’m still standing better than I ever did.”

You are an overcomer. I believe in you.

Keep the faith and have a great week!

Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash