Overcoming Fear of Rejection


The other day I was speaking with my good friend, Ronnie Austin, who certainly is a top sales representative and a leader within our company. He asked me a very profound question. “Are you always confident when you are cold calling and contacting merchants?”  Now I have been in direct sales for over 35 years and you would probably think that the response would be, ”Absolutely! I’m the best, I never fear rejection.”

However, I confess that even after 35 years, there are days where I find myself not as confident as other days. We are all human beings and each and every one of us face rejection. This is where no matter who we are, we have to be careful. Our minds can play tricks on us. We could drive by a business and say, “That’s too big of a business, I probably wouldn’t do well with that, or even say I don’t want to bother them at this time.”

Thankfully, I find that once I get into the flow of working, I’ve become more confident and start to gain momentum. The key is not to let anything stop you. It’s important that no matter how you feel, you take action.

The reality is that we live in a society where career success is linked to self worth. Let’s face it, we all want to be accepted and loved. We all need to learn to recognize and deal with the fear of rejection. How do we do that?  I’m going to share that with you today.

I’ve always stated that in order to be a superstar sales representative, you need to be a star cold caller. For many, this may seem a little scary especially if you don’t have experience in this area. However, have no fear because we are going to share our expertise with you to help you overcome those fears.

1) Quit making assumptions.

Sales people tend to become prophets. I see this happen all the time. They’ll drive by a business and talk themselves out of even going to that business. For example, they may say, “They are probably busy right now, I don’t want to bother them.” Many sales people make the mistake of labeling different types of businesses. “I never do good with those type of businesses so I’m not going to go and speak with them.” Unfortunately, I’ve heard sales people say this.

Here’s my message for you in this area. The door you miss is the door you write. Every situation is unique. Every merchant is a new opportunity. Make sure you are prepared for each and every call that you make. Never prejudge. Never assume that you’re not going to write somebody.

2) Remind yourself that the numbers game works.

While you are out in the field contacting merchants, remember there are many other representatives within our group throughout the whole country that are doing the same thing. We all experience rejection, but what we have to understand is that if we keep plugging away with the right attitude, eventually we will have success. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have been around for a long time. The system that we have put in place and the training that we provide definitely does work. All you have to do is go out with a good attitude and make the calls each and every day.

3) You are helping people.

You are not the typical sales person. You are not out there trying to scheme people out of their money. You have a program and a service that people need. Constantly remind yourself of that. It is an absolute privilege for them to be able to meet you. Look in the mirror, give yourself a pep talk, and repeat after me. “Who are the fortunate merchants today that will be blessed with my presence?” Now, I’m not telling you to be arrogant but I am encouraging you to be confident because you are in a position of helping others.

4) Invest your time in improving.

Knowledge breeds confidence. Constantly work on getting the skills to qualified prospects. Practice your presentation. Record your presentation. Take a video of yourself giving your introduction. Get to know the people in this industry that are very successful. Find out what they do and just follow their lead.

Practice, practice, practice. Write out a script and memorize it to fit your personality. Work on your voice inflection. Make sure you are smiling and have good eye contact. The goal for you is to just keep getting better.

5) Be grateful for your failures.

Every “no” that you receive is one step closer to the “yes.” The key is not to get caught up in the no’s or waste time trying to convince them. Move on. Keep smiling. There are so many businesses out there waiting for you to help them.

Make the commitment each and every day to have a minimum of 40 business cards in your pocket. Your goal is to give those cards out and meet as many merchants as you possibly can.

6) Get excited about being a sales person.

Being a sales person is an amazing job. Your time is your own. You can make more money than you’ve ever dreamed of. I think of all the blessings that we have in this business. The residuals, the high commissions, and the amazing incentives including first class trips to different parts of the world.

While you are out contacting prospects, remind yourself of all these blessings and go out and contact as many people as you can with a big smile upon your face.

Remember, we all experience rejection. Don’t get caught up in that. Life is way too short. You are designed with an amazing purpose for your life. Never put yourself down. Constantly work on building yourself up. You are a winner with a great deal to offer. God has an amazing plan for your life. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

Have a super fantastic week!


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