Paralympics Athlete tells 3 Secrets of Holiday Health

Paralympics athlete tells 3 secrets of holiday health

By Barbara Pain

When we are seriously injured—physically or emotionally—the road back is challenging. Someone who knows firsthand just how hard that can be is John Register.


John, 47-year-old Gulf War veteran from Colorado Springs, was training for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when a traumatic hurdling injury led to having his left leg amputated above the knee. He has a deep understanding of how important sports can be in the healing process after traumatic injury.

A former NCAA All-American in track and field, he went on to win the silver medal and set a U.S. record in the long jump at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.

When you’re seriously injured, Register says, “The first things you think are, ‘How can I get back up?’ Then, it’s, ‘Who am I now? Am I still a wife, a husband? A mother, a father?’ During all of that chaos, when sports are introduced, they bring a sense of, ‘If I can do this, what else can I do?’ ”

Now an inspirational and motivational speaker, John offers readers his perspective on the healing process—especially at the holidays.

We’re faced with the euphoria—purchasing, exchanging gifts and so on—and then the holiday blues when we have to pay for it all. I think it’s important to define what giving really means. Is it materialistic? Commercial?  Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or is more about the importance of being with family?

First get your perspective right, and then we’re not caught up, thinking, “I feel bad because I didn’t give you a gift—that makes me go into debt.” Here’s an idea: Everything goes on sale on Dec. 26 – extend your festivities by a couple of days, and you’ll be less likely to have those blues.

Then, consider the three most important things. Faith, Family, Friends!

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