Parking on the Strip Is Failing!!

Parking on the strip is failing!!

By Denny See

Parking on the strip is so far a complete failure to our locals and our guests. So far we have lost millions of dollars from locals and guests who are not coming down to gamble, or going to our fine dining. The numbers don’t lie, we are down by 20% which means we’ve lost 10 million dollars so far, and it’s getting worse.  pic_pulse_stock_article_9

Let’s look at more numbers…….valet workers were averaging $200 to $300 a day, now with the parking situation, they average $75.00. With the new drink policy, where you have to spend on average $20.00 at a machine to have a waitress serve you a drink, is down 30%, and waitress are having a hard time making it. Conventions are down 22%, which is about $18 million dollars down the toilet. All have a down effect which is bad for business, and even though more people are visiting Vegas, the numbers show that nobody is buying.

Bring back the old Vegas, where you could have a great time and tell your friends. Now I tell my friends to go somewhere else, where they can have a good time and get more bang for their buck!


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