Particle Ink

This is by far the most incredible show I’ve seen in Las Vegas – or anywhere across the country. Particle Ink is completely original and totally mesmerizing. It’s hard to compare it to anything you might have seen elsewhere, as it is a show, a play, a light experience, and a concert all rolled into one. The story is deeply moving and the music is outstanding as the show goes on; there is a huge amount of visual and narrative texture throughout.

Definitely NOT your typical Vegas show! It is an innovative (in the U.S. anyway), immersive, and interactive experience that takes you into the 2.5th dimension that combines digital art and animation with splashes of dance, B-Boy, Krumping, and artistic dance styles. You can take pictures but no videos.

Located in the Arts District in DTLV directly across from The English Hotel, showtimes are at 7 and 9 pm Wednesday through Sunday. You must be there 15 minutes before your start time. It is scheduled to be there through September, but hopefully will stay longer.

You can either follow them on IG to get familiar with the characters and storyline, or even go in with no expectations. The use of multiple rooms in the same space is genius! The video is standing room only, but not long enough to tire you out. Please visit all the rooms and get the total experience. Parking is free on the street. Right next to the Neon Desert brewery if you should want to stop for a drink and burgers before or after. Don’t let the building fool you, it is all black and has a Moon over the door. Yes, you are in the right place.

Presented by Kaleidoco, an entertainment technology company, the “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” portal at The LightHouse in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District located at 918 S. Main. Brought to life by a team whose resumes include Sleep No More, Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering and myriad other creative endeavors, the Particle Ink Metaverse blends the virtual world into the physical world through mixed reality and innovative technologies. Particle Ink encompasses thought-provoking creativity, imaginative interactive installations and mind-bending, dynamic digital and physical portals designed to enlighten and inspire audiences.