Positive Affirmations to Achieve Success


I believe it is absolutely necessary that if we want to have success on a consistent basis, we have to first believe that we can. Positive affirmations are important and it is vital that we surround ourselves with nothing but positive. I start my day off early with a positivity routine and part of that routine is going for a 30-minute walk. While I’m doing that I listen to motivational videos and positive affirmations, what a great way to start the day!

Positive affirmations for me are a regular and integral part of my day, and I believe that way too many people speak negatively about themselves. For example, they may say, “I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough education, people like me never succeed, etc.”

Whenever negative thoughts like this creep into your mind, immediately zap them out and start speaking positively about yourself. Throughout the day, say phrases like “I am a winner. I’m going to have a great day. Today is my day-as a matter of fact, today is a super fantastic dynamite exciting day and I feel great!” You may think this is silly, but start doing this daily and watch the positive changes in your life.

Positive affirmations are necessary in accomplishing any goals you may have set. If you believe it, you can achieve it. If you believe you can-you will. If you believe you can’t-you won’t. Using positive phrases will increase your confidence and belief in yourself.

On one of the videos that I was listening to recently, Eric Thomas-a motivational speaker, ended his speech with everybody repeating the phrase “I can, I will, I must.” He made them repeat that over and over again getting louder each time, and I thought to myself: Imagine if everyone did this throughout the day, what a more positive life they would have. Think about how powerful that statement is:

I CAN-You are saying that it is possible and it can be done and that you can do it. You have the capabilities of getting it done.

I WILL-When you say this phrase, you are saying that you will get it done. There is nothing in there about hoping or trying or giving it a shot. This is a true commitment that no matter what, you WILL get it done.

I MUST-This statement definitely states that there are no excuses. This HAS to be done. No obstacles or challenges will stop you.

You have the ability and you certainly have the opportunities to live the life of your dreams. Start each day positive. Repeat these positive phrases over and over again and do this every single morning when you wake up. Whenever you start feeling down or feel like giving up, believe you can and you will succeed. It’s time to take action and live the life of your dreams.

Repeat after Eric Thomas, “I can, I will, I must.”

Have a super positive week!

Regional Sales Manager RMS