Positive Brainwashing



Several times, I have been asked if I was trying to brainwash people. That’s a great question, and the answer to that question is an absolute “YES.”

The world in which we live can be a very negative place and bring people down. My goal is to brainwash people to get rid of all that negativity and fill their mind with positive thoughts which will help them become more successful.

The reality is, we’re all being brainwashed whether we realize it or not, especially in this divisive political world we are in today. The media does everything they can to try and brainwash us. Even the commercials that we watch can be brainwashing. We are being brainwashed that a certain product or company is better than another one.

The books we read, the environment we are in, even the people we’re around can brainwash us as to how we perceive ourselves.

One may think that with all this going on, we have very little control of what influences us. The truth is, that is not correct. We can control this.

When it comes to the sales world or the business world, we can brainwash ourselves for failure. There is so much psychology behind what we do and I have seen many people talk themselves out of success. This is why it is important that we do brainwash ourselves for success.

Here are three ways that we can do this.

1) Make a decision to watch inspirational shows.

Be careful what you watch on TV. I’ve heard people say that it’s not a big deal. It’s not real. It’s not going to affect me in anyway. If it’s not a big deal, why do major corporations spend millions of dollars on TV advertisements that are only 30 to 60 seconds long? The truth is because it does influence our buying decisions. Now if 30 seconds can do that, can you imagine what 30 minutes can do to our thought process.

Starting this week, look up some inspirational videos and start watching them. Start watching some of the videos we have on our Facebook page. We have put out some training videos for you, and we also have our new TV series which focuses on the success training and inspiration. Watch things that will fill your mind with nothing but positive.

2) Read books on personal development.

There is nothing like reading a good book, especially one that is inspiring

I have to admit that this is an area for myself that I need to work on. As we approach the new year, this will be a great goal for me. If you’re not doing this already, make the decision to read a book  a month. There are so many biographies out there that will motivate you to become successful.

Reading the right books will brainwash you into adopting successful principles and habits.

3) Get a mentor.

Remember, success breeds success. Find someone in life who is where you want to be and do what they do. We have so many successful representatives here with Retriever Merchant Solutions. Pick their brain. Ask them questions. This will help you find out what makes them tick.

There is never a reason to try to reinvent the wheel. Our system works. Start reaching out to the winners. You will find that in most cases they are available, will encourage and help you, and give you some skills to become successful.

Once you start climbing your way up the ladder of success, pretty soon you’ll find people will be reaching out to you to be their mentor. This is an amazing goal to set for yourself.

Hopefully, you know and realize that brainwashing is all around us. Work on these three areas starting today and choose to have some positive brainwashing. Success is a choice. Choose to be positive and successful.

So am I trying to brainwash you?  I am absolutely trying to brainwash you in a positive way. I appreciate all your feedback and I am grateful that the daily inspirations and weekly inspirations have been helpful. This is the best brainwashing that we can receive.

Have a super fantastic week!



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