Positive Expectations



How do you react when you know, without a shadow of doubt in your mind, you are about to do something amazing? What is your thought process? What is going through your mind?

There is no doubt your attitude is going to be completely different from thinking you don’t have a shot. This is what we call expectations.

Having great expectations of success creates a success spiral. The opposite is also true. Your spiral up or down is all based on what your expectations are.

The first step is to:


The more you believe, the more success you will have. If you don’t think you’re going to have success, you will not give it your best shot.

When you begin with great expectations and you believe, without a shadow of doubt, that you are going to have success you will be 100% excited and energized. And you will go forth with everything you’ve got. It’s the complete opposite of the vicious cycle. Success feeds on success and then generates more success. It creates more belief and much more momentum to succeed on an even higher level.


Don’t ever let anyone take your power away. Most importantly, make sure you don’t take your power away.

Yes, we will have obstacles. We will have challenges. The most important thing is to stay positive and keep believing you’re going to have success. If you maintain the belief systems that empower you, you will always continue to take action and do what it takes to become successful.


Have you ever surprised  yourself with your own ability?Sometimes we have success because we didn’t know that we couldn’t. There are so many stories of people that have done the impossible simply because they didn’t know it couldn’t be done.

Many people tend to overthink and overanalyze and then they come up with reasons why they cannot have success. My philosophy when it comes to this is quit thinking and start doing.

When it comes to our business or any direct sales, what are your expectations when you go into the field? Do you hope that you’re going to have success? Are you just giving it the old college try?  If that’s the case, it’s time to start changing your thinking.

When you go to the field each and every day, start having super positive expectations. It’s not a question of are you going to produce. It’s a question of how many are you going to produce. Who are going to be the fortunate prospects whom are able to do business with you today? This is your attitude…this is positive expectations.

Let’s start today by having positive expectations about having a fantastic day today.

Have positive expectations about your upcoming week. Expect success and you will have it.

Have a super positive week!



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