More Press for the NSAEN Online Film Festival


The NSAEN Online Film Festival was created to bring together filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work in an exclusively online format.

Recognizing that online is the new way of watching movies, news, and television series, the NSAEN team wanted to reach out and create a new movement in the world of entertainment and independent film with a concept that recognizes the new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity and produce fresh, standout entertainment. The NSAEN Online Film Festival invites both seasoned and new filmmakers and film professionals from around the world to submit entries for their exceptional online film festival.

We have received excellent recognition from radio shows such as Priscilla Leona’s “Question Reality” on LA Talk Radio Channel 1, the Webseries on Fire podcast with Peter Papageorgiou, The Dave Mack Show on WDNG News Talk Radio in Alabama, and The Lina Jones Diamond Network on BlogTalk Radio.

Listen below to Executive Film Festival Producer, Brian T Shirley’s excellent interviews. Be a part of NSAEN’s first online film festival!

Web Series On Fire

Lina Jones Diamond Network

The Dave Mack Show








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