“Rarely Seen” Photo Exhibit Has Arrived in Vegas

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S new “Rarely Seen” Photo Exhibition opened at Bally’s in Las Vegas last night.

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, who also has “Real Bodies” in Bally’s, is a wonderful collection of 50 of the most striking photos of all time.  

Real Bodies” features an amazing exhibit that brings together a collection of real human bodies and all the working parts, from the brain, lungs, down to each and every artery and has been at Bally’s for years. 

This new exhibit features wonderful photos of amazing places, from elephants in the wild, underwater camera work, deserts, and ice storms to amazing people. Wander at your own leisure and take time to read the captions. Feel a wall that is full of flowers, marvel at the uniqueness of each photo.

*Photos by Ira Kuzma / Ira Kuzma Photography