Reach Out to the Drowning


Walk the Turtle 🐢 

✝ Column By Michael Aloia 8-9-2020

As we drift among the currents inside the force of constant streams in thought, the ripples and waves we set sail upon during each moment of change tend to unveil the hidden aspects of ourselves that suddenly emerge before us as we are faced with understanding. As we feel the calm after the storms, our perceptions of being on course become redirected toward the visions we see ahead reflected in the hands of time.

Once clouded by the fog of pain and feeling lost among the vast ocean of memories, we travel through our transformational process and become humble to our position in life. Grateful for the courage to overcome our fears, an alignment of direction is bestowed within our spiritual compass guided by faith.

The uncertainties and challenges we have survived become the wisdom and power we acquire as we take the helm and steer ourselves past the refinement of emotions left behind the sense of abandonment, grief, sorrow, and persecution we have endured by trials of love.

Walk the turtle and stand fast as we focus on the destination to reach our purpose and to be set upon the solid foundation of our compassionate spirit that dwells inside our soul. We reach out to the ones drowning among the crashing waves and pull them into the light of warmth by giving our whole heart.

Inspired by Justine SueHaley ✝