Reaching Our Final Destination


“Walk the Turtle” 7/7/2019

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth’s energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice. I think how the Moon is a stepping stone to reaching Mars, knowing we all shall eventually get to our final destinations as we evolve in God’s hand, abiding in his time.

Signs we pass inside the darkness of our space are also visible outside our perceptions beyond the light. We emerge into many experiences as our journey of life brings us into different mindsets with each chapter within the constant changes of our infinite spiritual growth of our heart and soul.

Temporary moments held by the present are very casual to the fashionable outcomes of each situation as we endure our daily tiptoe into the beauty of our understandings.

Searching inside allows our visions and dreams to become inspirations to others when we release our passions and create the first step toward a generational shift embracing agape love into our teachings and voices.

Walk the turtle through each challenge we face, accept what happens to us, and find wisdom among the painful times as we immerse ourselves into the truth of prayer.

Miss you Brit, be home when my job is done.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash