Rebirth in God’s Love


“Walk the Turtle” 12/10/2017


The crisp coolness of changing winds caress each heart upon our world, as simple snowflakes drift and swirl around the silence of constant change.

Yesterday’s troubles fade into the abyss of distant memory as the waiting has grown into sentimental patience while our insight feels visions of now.

The rhythms we have written inside depths of our inner horizons begin to surface as a new sunrise gives warmth to a lost and crying soul in fear.

Perpetual motion of mindsets and beliefs transpire into truths, reflections of times when innocence was the sense and freedoms of being young.

Falling deeper than ever imagined while reaching for a savior has aligned the spirit into a recovery with our flesh and bone held by tears once shed.

Walk the turtle with levels of compassion and admiration to the uniqueness of who you are, as life humbles you, you feel a rebirth in God’s love.


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