“Redemption” NSAEN Book Review




Book Review

A father in search of redemption for his past sins finds himself at odds with his father, who’s the Antichrist.  A rebel group joins him in a final battle against masses of mind-controlled zombies. This will determine the eternal fate of humanity.

Review- Good Read! A page turner! It hooks you from beginning to the climax of the story. Then pulls you in with demonic possession to the return of the fallen ones. All of this concludes with an epic battle of mind-controlled “zombie” hoards sent by the antichrist to destroy what’s left of humanity. It’s a cross between The Da Vinci Code and Left Behind with a sprinkle of The X Files and The Walking Dead for good measure!


The book will be for sale for .99 cent download from Amazon Kindle July 17-24.


You can find the hardcover and a paperback edition of the book at barnesandnobles.com. Look up Redemption Paul Price. T

The price of the hardcover is $21.34.




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