Reflections of the Storms We Have Survived


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael D. Aloia 6-6-2021

Our vibrant, youthful spirit remains alive behind the fragility of grey, hidden by the lines and scars collected through the wounds of time.

Wrapped up tight, away from public’s eye, we ride the tide during the travels of delight. 

Watching each daybreak with a sense of splendor and a taste for life’s spice, we fill our thoughtful compassions with grace and extend gratitude to a smiling face while hearing words of kindness whispering deep inside the soul.

Gliding through the warm winds of the present day while dancing in sunshine between the drops of a misty rain, closing our minds beside all the storms we have survived, we pray.

Walk the turtle with wisdom from age while keeping love for our childlike side, living beside the hand of an eternal flame kept within each moment as we embrace the depths of emotions felt without convictions or guilt.

Inspired by God ✝

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash