Remember Those Who Were There


“Walk the Turtle” 11/11/2019

Riding upon the wings of an eagle, soaring above the clouds, held by the hands of heaven—knowing your sacrifice and your precious time, we go into the unknowns with fearlessness inside our eyes. Some never come home… as for others the visions within their memories shall never die. Tears of generations that gave remind us of our freedom and those enslaved. We bow our heads to the women and men who served our land and pray for our Nation’s children under God’s divine plan.

Forged by fire and protected by angels, they gave it all so we can watch our grandchildren grow. As the blue skies appear from the lingering smoke an elderly man stands to salute, seeing the whites of everyone’s eyes shows us the lines of blood-shed scars.

Walk the turtle with honor and care and remember those who were there. They held their weapons to serve and protect the liberties and freedoms underneath our stars and stripes. Show them thanks in the name of love.

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