Remembering Amy Winehouse

amyAmy Winehouse. Goodness, I still can’t believe it’s been 3 long years already when she passed away, when heaven took her away from us.

She is nonetheless one of the best artists of all time, a Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter. I mean, come on, who could have forgotten her unique, sultry, soulful, and rich voice? Her ever cryptic songwriting style? Her own combination of jazz, pop, soul,  and rock genres altogether that represents her uniqueness when it comes to creating her own music style?

I AM A HUGE FAN. She was indeed a true music legend; a great addition and a hurtful loss in the industry. May you rest in peace with angels above, Amy. You are missed.

And to give a salute to her great contribution to the music industry, here are her top 5 songs:

1. Tears Dry On Their Own – This live performance of hers just gave me a whole new level of love for her. Her voice, her sound, her music is so unique, so powerful, so rich. This lady is a pure talent.

2. You Know I’m No Good –
Another superb live performance here. Sure, her writing can be as cryptic as possible, but this one just shows her honesty about how she looks at her mistakes. That while admitting she’s no good, she will not take the full blame of it because her boy knew for a fact that she’s no good and yet accepted her. She just felt bad for him. Such a great style in writing. Bow down to you lady.

3. Love Is A Losing Game – Definitely one of the best songs she’s ever done. One of the most intimate and sweetest songs she’s ever made. Yeah, sometimes I think love is a losing game.

4. You Sent Me Flying –
One of my favorite songs on her album “Frank”. Brilliant lyrics, honest words, great arrangement. Guitar, drum beats, and the sax blended with her voice and words so perfectly.

5. Back To Black –
Another brilliant writing. Cryptic yet somehow so relatable. “We only said goodbye with words. I died a hundred times. You go back to her, and I go back to, I go back to us.” Another song that is truly remarkable.

*Photo credit to the owner.