Rise Above It

“Walk the Turtle” 5/7/2017


Instilled inside are the captured thoughts that remove all excuses of I cannot, to be in the happening as you are finally able to step back and marvel at natural courage.

A fantastic celebration of triumph felt by soul and spirit remembering all the small steps it took to finally see the results of self-compassion for the visions inside.

From the midst of hopelessness to becoming a light and a foundation of testimony to those in spiritual struggle has a profound purpose toward each one’s destiny.

As I observe the daylight turn into darkness thus ends another day, we are given abilities and great unique skills to accomplish any task or test that challenges us.

Addictions we fed that allowed us to become numb to our emotions and fears seem to be meaningless after we have overcome the pain of shame or guilt.

To see beyond the moments of uncertain turmoil we become trapped in is just a glimpse into the realities that life has to show us during our chapters in time.

Walk the turtle with uplifting motivation as you learn to tap into hidden forces of majestic determination to use our God-given strength to love and rise above it.


*photo credit: Joshua Earle,