Sacred Love


“Walk the Turtle” 7/31/2019

Ashes of withered remains inside the memories held by the isolation beneath the darkness of sorrows felt by our soul’s heart.

Sacred love of the spirit’s flight wanders through the infinities of life, giving our mind the illusion of time as we fill ourselves with the passions of yesterday’s storm with a lingering depth of hope and desire like breathing tears.

Faded smiles of those who we once shared moments with become the influence of our virtues during the growth of our character as we float along the top of the constant flow within the currents of change moving slowly into tomorrow. We are fragile to our surroundings and enslaved to our bodies as we hold steadfast a course toward empathy.

Walk the turtle softly caressing the soil of mother Earth. Allow the palms of our hands to raise toward the Heavens and the bottoms of our feet to feel the warm energy of life’s gift.

One day I will be home with you, Brittany.