Baka Bukas Movie Review: Samantha Lee’s “Baka Bukas” Knows My Story


Manila, PH – “This is not some gay indie film” Or is it?”

Baka Bukas. Maybe Tomorrow.

I actually didn’t know about this movie until a friend of mine forwarded a link of the trailer saying: “Brad, panuorin mo. Yung character ni Jasmine, syang sya si ano!” Curious enough, I pressed the play button and I swear, Jasmine’s first smirk and Louise’s confused look on the trailer had me. It was so real, their characters are so freaking real.

Samantha Lee doesn’t know me – I don’t know her, but she knows my story, my struggles.

I was once Jess – confused, doesn’t know what she wants, and can’t figure things out – one of the hardest things in discovering your real self.  Then I was once Alex – fell in love with someone so close, but afraid of coming out to that person because she can’t afford to risk the possibility of losing that someone. I was once Kate too lets someone go because she knows it’s for the best.  And then there’s David’s character (or was it Julo? Damn, now I’m confused!) – confident, doesn’t believe in the need to announce his sexual preference, never came out nor denied he’s gay. Finally, I was once Julo too – reading between the lines, didn’t jump on it, waited for his queue to take a step forward. 

And there I thought it’s impossible that someone can relate to almost every character on a fictional story, but this movie knows exactly how to deal with its viewers, knows exactly what words to use, and what emotions they want to convey. Believe me, you’d be surprised finding yourself once in a while on the screen while watching this movie.

 The struggle of moving on is legit.

The numbered days of moving on from a heartbreak – 78 days, to be exactis SO, SO true. You’d set a certain time when you think you’d be okay, you’d be fine – but the truth is, you’ll never know until you see the cause of your heartbreak again, face to face. And when you finally see them again, most often than not, you’ll realize it was never over, you were never over the pain, but you’d still be willing to give in and try again – and the idea of being with that someone will come rushing through you, even if you did not plan for it to happen, it will happen just like that – just this.

This is not a typical “fell-inlove-with-my-bestfriend” movie.

This is about the struggle of coming out and self and society acceptance, test of friendship, and falling in love. Because let’s face it, in this kind of world we’re living in, it will always be hard for the LGBTQ community to be themselves – to be ourselves, to dress, speak and act as we want and never be judged, and to fall in love and make a move. So a movie like this, characters like Alex, Jess, Kate, David, and Julo – and straight actors that accept gay roles, can really help make the struggle a little easier for LGBTQ community, for us. So, THANK YOU.

Bravo to the brilliant writing, and to the actors that made the characters so relatable Jasmine and Louise did an amazing job! Jasmine was an effective gay! I mean, GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Their chemistry – Jasmine and Louise – wasn’t pushy, it was natural and engaging! Kudos!

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew of “Baka Bukas”!

Favorite lines from the movie:

  • “We were really never just friends.”
  • “I am not really sure if I’m in love with you or just the idea of you”
  • “We were never in love, we were just each others in-between.”

“Baka Bukas” is part of Cinema One Originals Festival 2016, and still in selected theaters until November 22, so hurry and watch!

Here’s a full trailer for you: