Scene-by-Scene Show Review: Trash Talk at the Eagle Lodge

Legendary Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk played a surprise show at the Fraternal Order of Eagles’ Lodge in Burbank, where they made use of the entire room over the course of their set.

The venue was tucked away between rusting gates and overgrown hedges. The inside was reminiscent of any old Los Angeles dive bar–dark, musty, and disheveled. Walking past the queue for the pool table to the stage room behind, a collection of people dancing with their drinks became visible. The vibe of the show was immediately interesting because of the dichotomy of hip hop and hardcore fans.

Due to Trash Talk’s association with the Odd Future hip hop group, many recognizable faces were in the crowd. The opener was skater and rapper Na-Kel Smith, dancing with his friend holding a liquor bottle. The bassist of Turnstile, Franz Lyons, watched on from the side stage. It felt like a typical hip hop show, until Trash Talk took the stage.

The band was immediately explosive, and fans were going crazy. The lead singer, Lee Spielman, was throwing mushroom bars into the crowd and punching the ceiling tiles. He even stuck his head through the ceiling while being lifted up by fans. The rest of the band routinely crowd-surfed with their instruments and walked through the pit while playing.

The show concluded with the fans picking Spielman up as he sat in a chair and carrying him through the door into the bar area, to the confusion of many of the older regulars.

Overall, Trash Talk carried insane energy for a surprise show.

*Photo Credit: memory screen, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons