Season of Grace

“Walk the Turtle” 11/27/2017


As all things seem to work themselves out in time, our perceptions of outcomes tend to become a different situation than anticipated in the mind.

To grasp the guidance of faith as we carry our burdens upon our shoulders, a sense of weight lifted is felt as we bow down and surrender to God.

To awaken each morning with wonder and amazement inside our spirit, it is harnessed with the understanding of preciousness to each moment.

As human beings we seem to search in darkness for riches and fame, we stray into the long roads of twists and turns until we see a path of light.

Signs of compassion are given with the entrancement to the embrace of an unconditional love held by the powerful hands of our almighty creator.

Walk the turtle with a humbleness of self-love as we feel the grass between our toes and inhale crisp breeze as we emerge into a season of grace.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash