Second Chance Scores in the NSAEN Online Film Festival


Official Premieres in Skopje, Macedonia, and Paris, France in January and February 2017.

Now, Second Chance will be screened in Savannah, GA, at the Savannah Comedy 
Revue, downtown at the Bay Street Theatre on December 13, 2017, as one of three short film finalists in the NSAEN Online Film Festival.


Join this special one-time screening of the film that has won the following awards:
EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL Mainstream & Underground (Moscow, Russia)
Laurel – Finalist for the Short Films International Competition (September 2017)

Laurel – Screenwriter of the Month (October 2017, Third Place)

Laurel – Finalist with a second place in the Short Films Competition 2017

SECOND CHANCE – Synopsis: Montmartre, Paris. Rachel Hofmann is a Jewish young woman, a portraitist who Untitled 2.pagesdraws portraits and spends much time in the company of other artists. After making her remarkable portrait of a distinguished eccentric lady, Rachel meets Philippe, the priest that she used to see while he takes walks in the place in which she works. After greeting the lady and the priest Rachel goes back home where Mélanie, her friend and life partner, Jewish as well, gives her a letter which arrived that morning. Rachel opens it and reads it. She instantly feels moved by the letter written by her big cousin, Nena Ristovska, from Skopje. Nena who lost both her parents, after many unlucky events, found herself living in the street.

Nena lives under the Stone Bridge together with a small family of homeless people: Pavel, a musician, his wife Anja, and their little girl Natasha.

A big stray German shepherd dog named Miki is always passing under the bridge, he knows and loves the homeless people, especially Nena who shows him her love and care. One morning while Nena draws the building in front of her, some passers-by give her some money. Later on, Goran, a young priest who walks in the centre of Skopje with a friend, passes by Nena and he ignores her. A week later, Goran is betting in a sports betting agency. Two young guys are speaking about how Manchester lost. As Goran is totally drunk he misunderstands the conversation and puts his bet into a bakery shop bag with the rest of his banicka* that he throws along the street. Miki, that wanders nearby, sniffs the banicka and crosses all the city to bring it to Nena.

The young woman is sleeping when Miki wakes her up. He has a surprise for her. She opens the bag and shares the banicka with him when she notices the sports betting ticket inside. The following morning Nena gets into a sports betting agency where the two guys from the previous days look at her with contempt, and where a nice employee checks the ticket and piles up the money of the win that he puts into an envelope.

A few weeks later Nena finds a job in a foster home for children without parents, and before leaving a café, she sees the young priest again. Sitting down in a little aside, Goran is drunk and looks sad. Nena, instead of ignoring him, approaches his table and asks him if she can sit. After a few minutes they start a conversation. A conversation that will explain who they are and how karma worked for them both.

*Banicka: a salty pastry with different fillings typical of the Balkan bakery tradition.

View the Trailer for the film at:

Second Chance has been funded thanks to my family who participated for the biggest and almost total amount of the money (12.000 Euros) and to supporters on two crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and Ulule, during 2015.

The film is being screened through Film Freeway, one of the movie platforms connecting the directors with all the worldwide film festivals –

DVD and a digital file of Second Chance are on sale on demand.

Second Chance is a Karma Story. Everything happens for a reason. In this touching and poetic story Life gives a second chance to those who are brave enough to stand the pain and keep their dignity, integrity, courage, love, and hope for a better life.

About the Film Director:


Andrea Emanuela Bossoni. Born in Milan, Italy, on July 11th, 1974.
Jewish and born between two cultures, Andrea has a great mind-openness.
She attends lower and higher secondary school in Milan, Italy.
Andrea gets a General Certificate of Education in tourism as Tour Operator in 1995. In 1996, after passing the examination test in three sections, she enters her name and starts attending a two-year professional course at the Motion Pictures, TV and New Media Professional School of Milan, Italy. She gets a post-diploma degree as director assistant / production assistant in 1997.
She’s scriptwriter since 1995, film director since 2002. She wrote, directed, sometimes edited and produced all her audiovisual works.
In 1998 she starts working as second assistant director during the theatrical rehearsals of Mr Moni Ovadia and TheaterOrchestra “Il Crepuscolo delle Madri” at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.
Several works as freelance between France and Italy follow. In France she works as assistant director and scriptwriter. She is also one of the organization members of a film festival in Rennes, Brittany, France.
She works as scriptwriter from 1995. In 2002 she becomes a professional independent film director. Her first short film written, directed and self-financed and produced “Ricordi Metropolitani” (“Souvenirs Urbains”, “City Recollections”, Betacam SP, 29’, colour – b/w, Italy, broadcasted at the TSR 2, second channel of Télévision Suisse Romande within the TV programme “Signes” in January 2003) wins two awards, one in Brussels in 2002 and the second one in Milan in 2005.
In 2003 / 2004 she writes, co-directs and co-edits “Le Rêve d’Un Jour” (original title in French), a tribute to Chaplin and a tribute to the theatre poetics), her second  independent short film within a professional editing course (analogical and digital techniques) at the CFTA Institute in Milan.
In 2007, after two years of pre-production, she writes, directs and self-finances her third short film “La Voce di Barbara” (“Barbara’s Voice”) about dance and deafness where she reverses social roles showing that handicap is very often just a mental, social or cultural limit.
La Voce di Barbara” wins an award on November 2008 as “Best Document” at the 35th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival of Brussels, Belgium.
Between August and September 2008 she writes a novel “Le Crisalidi di Lubiana” printed and published by Zerounoundici Edizioni getting a good review in terms of audience and critics.
In May-June 2009 she directs and edits her first art video about the artworks of a young talented Macedonian artist, Nevenka Zraveva, “A Look Beyond – A Journey Into Gala’s Vision” for an art event in parallel of Biennale di Venezia 2009.
In 2011 she writes, directs and edits “My New Life In Skopje” (June 2011), a docu-fiction in two versions. She also engaged in developing a challenging cross-cultural project, feature film project “Le Match de Ma Vie” (“The Match of My Life”), her first feature film about sports, friendship and the courage to face the loss and getting back to life again.

In 2012 she writes, directs and edits “The Bridge of Memory” (a short film), “It’s A Movie Business” (a short film) and “To Sing Her Life” (a documentary) in Skopje, Macedonia.
In 2012 she graduates and gets a BA in Cinema and TV Directing at ESRA University for Audiovisual arts in Skopje, Macedonia.
In 2013 she writes and publishes her second novel, “The Next Chance”, a short story within a young talented new authors short stories collection published in Rome,  Italy.
In 2015 she develops “Le Refuge des Miracles” (a documentary). “Second Chance” (a French-Macedonian film production and co-production) and a new script, “The 17th Day”.
In 2016 she writes, directs and produces “Second Chance”, a fiction short film, a cross-cultural projects between France and Macedonia, spoken in two languages, subtitled in six languages, released in 2017 and sent to many renowned international film festivals.
She is currently searching for some film producers among France and other countries to produce “Le Match de Ma Vie”, a stunning and challenging cross-cultural feature film story.

Big challenges and a fiery passion move her inner engine to work hard and get excellent results besides growing as artist and human being.



August 2002, “RICORDI METROPOLITANI” (short film, Italian and Italian Sign Language (LIS), subtitled in two languages, 29’, Beta SP, colour – B/W, Italy). Two awards won.

January 2004, “LE RÊVE D’UN JOUR” (short film, no dialogues, 5’, Digital Camera, colour – B/W, Italy)

June 2007, “LA VOCE DI BARBARA” (short film, Italian and Italian Sign Language (LIS), subtitled in five languages, 21’, Digital Camera, colour, Italy). One award won.

June 2009, “A LOOK BEYOND – A JOURNEY INTO GALA’S VISION” (art video, 9’, colour, Italy) – A second version is available on Youtube (Extended version, 15’, colour, Italy, May 2012)

MY NEW LIFE IN SKOPJE” (short film, docu-fiction, 7’02 (and short version 3′ 21), Digital, colour, Macedonia, 2011, subtitles in English

December 2012:

THE BRIDGE OF MEMORY” (short film, 14’, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, Macedonian language, subtitles in English)

TO SING HER LIFE” (documentary, 1h, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, Macedonian language, subtitles in English)

IT’S A MOVIE BUSINESS” (short film, fiction, 29’, Digital HD Pro Camera, colour, Macedonia, English and Macedonian languages, subtitles in English for the Macedonian dialogues)

February 2017

SECOND CHANCE” (short film, Fiction, 29:10’, Digital HD Blackmagic 4K Camera, colour, Macedonia, French and Macedonian languages, subtitles in English, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Macedonian)

Shorts films available on Youtube and Vimeo (except “Second Chance” and “To Sing Her Life”).


In November 2002 Andrea was honoured with the plate of the city of Brussels for her commitment for the deaf community in the fields of arts (cinema and theatre) and communication.
In November 2002 “Ricordi Metropolitani” won an award as one of the best short films at at the 29th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival (29ème Festival International du Film Indépendant) of Brussels, Belgium.
In November 2005 “Ricordi Metropolitani” won an award as one of the best short films at the International Film Festival of the Deaf in Milan, Italy (Second Best short film award).
In November 2008 “La Voce di Barbara” (“Barbara’s Voice“) won the “Best Document“ award at the 35th Edition of the International Independent Film Festival (35ème Festival International du Film Indépendant) of Brussels, Belgium.
In September 2017 “Second Chance” won the laurel as Finalist in the category of short films at the European Film Festival Mainstream & Underground of Moscow, Russia.
“Second Chance” was selected and in official competition in nine international film festivals and awarded in three international film festivals in 2017.


Le Match de Ma Vie” (“The Match of My Life”, Feature Film Project, international – Fiction)

Le Match de Ma Vie” (Novel – Fiction written in French after two literary works published in Italy)

Three Flames in The Dazzling Light” (Feature film script – Fiction)

A Look Beyond The Fog” (Feature film script – Fiction)

The 17th Day” (Feature film script – Fiction)


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