Senses of Life

“Walk the Turtle” 8/28/2017


Illumination of paths trail blazed, we are pioneers of inspirational tomorrows guided by imagination, held by waves of love.

Currents carry us deep inside our drifting memories created by thoughts and perceptions felt by the contentment of peace.

Stillness of growth moves silently as we witness seeds planted by our heart as faith yields significant beauty upon a soul.

Understanding true balance of mind is to embrace the surrealism of dreams bestowed into the realms of material realities.

As a magical glimmer is seen inside the human eye, a certain wonder is kept and held close by a determination to share a gift.

A multicolored magnificence of natural insight unveils hidden truths and unspoken sorrows magnified by the light of grace.

Walk the turtle each moment and harness the visions you receive by vibrations of consistent frequencies and senses of life.