Set Goals and Become a Winner

These past several days have been absolutely wonderful. As many of you know, we had a summer contest called the Norton nine contest. The top eight producers throughout the summer, along with the top revenue producer with a minimum of twenty merchants written, were able to enjoy four days of absolute fun and celebration.

On Thursday we had 20 of us in the cabana at the Jacksonville Jaguars game. It was a nationally televised game and we were able to enjoy a Jaguar win, so it kicked off the trip on a positive.

I came down on Friday and had lunch, as well as some wonderful time by the pool, at One Ocean Resort and Spa. Friday evening we had our celebration dinner, which was held at the Azurea Restaurant located right inside the hotel. The entire evening was a wonderful time of great fellowship and a fantastic dinner. There were toasts being made all throughout the evening and new, incredible friendships were being formed.

On Saturday morning, we had a delightful breakfast at the Norton household. What a great way to start the day! Immediately after that we headed over to the Serenata Beach Club for a day of fun, sun, lunch, and great fellowship. We were able to spend time at the beach and the pool. The day was absolutely phenomenal.

As I’m writing this, our representatives and their guests are heading back home with some wonderful memories and joy in their hearts.

Throughout the weekend, I was able to do short interviews with each one of our winners. You will find these on the RMS opportunity Facebook page. Every one of the representatives had an attitude of gratitude and they were all such a blessing to be around. In these interviews they were sharing their appreciation along with some of their secrets to success. The common theme that was heard from each of them was that there is no secret formula to success—just go to work each and every day with a good attitude and good things will happen.

For several of our representatives who were there this was their first rewards trip. What an exciting time, and it was awesome to celebrate with them! There were a few others who are consistent winners—no matter who it was, everyone had a blast. It was a great group of winners coming from all different backgrounds and from all areas around the country. Some have been here 6 months while others have been with RMS for 10 years.

Once you go on trips like these you never want to miss another one. You are surrounded with winners who are hitting high levels and plan on continuing to do great things.

Keep in mind, this business is not just about making money. Yes, the financial rewards are incredible but the other things that go with it make the journey even more joyful. Set some goals to become a high performer and a championship player.

We have just a few months remaining in this contest coming up for the Bahamas trip. It’s beautiful and it’s first class. Believe it and achieve it. We have plenty more incentives and rewards trips coming up, so choose to go for it and become a winner.

Wishing you all great success.

Regional Sales Manager RMS

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay