Sherri Demure, Queen of Allure


Sherri Demure, Queen of Allure

Thoughts on a friendship that was (and wasn’t) skin deep

By Vanessa Hundley, aka DJ Audioprism

Entertainment and Life Scrivener

Manabi Bandyopadhyay – “Be yourself, the world will adjust.”

“I’m Sherri Demure, Queen of Allure. I’m not that young, but I’m a whole lotta fun!” Those were the words that often accompanied Sherri Demure’s entrance into any room.  A mature, Black Irish woman, Sherri never met a stranger and could be found flirting, talking about the Mets or, if the opportunity was there, belting out any one of a number of songs for karaoke night. She hated to see anyone down in the dumps and was a huge cheerleader of anyone who was doing something of note or even thinking about it. And if you hung around her long enough, you would have heard some of her original songs, read a bit of one of her screenplays, and you’d feel as if you’d seen her beloved Times Square and New York nightlife for yourself. You would have been carried along in her passion for life and everything that was possible with it.  

You also might have gotten to know about her “other” life, as Sean. She presented as Sherri or Sean seamlessly, presenting the face that was needed for her different professional and social interactions. But Sherri or Sean, she was the same fiercely intelligent, direct, charming entity at her core. Her voice might be higher as Sherri, but you could hear the same almost guttural growl in her singing and speaking when she got fired up and completely into the moment. 

Sherri helped a lot of people find their truth. She was not without her own baggage and demons, but she would be the first to tell you about them and never let them hold her down for long if she could help it. As someone who didn’t feel able to live her whole truth until later in life, she wanted others to try and feel the confidence they needed to break free of whatever it was that masked their most authentic self. 

That love for her fellow human beings left a deep impression, especially among her beloved trans and gay community in Midtown Atlanta. And her unexpected passing in September from cancer has left many of us wishing for even just one more day of her bright, positive attitude and no BS fortitude. And so it is that we come together this weekend to celebrate a life well lived, a love well given, and a friend that loved dressing herself up but never made the outside of a person the most important part of her relationship with them. We invite anyone who would like to join us at The Hideaway, Felix’s or The Midtown Moon in Midtown Atlanta for a special night on October 17, 2020, to honor Sherri Demure and other recently fallen but never forgotten members of the local nightlife scene.

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