Single Parent Veterans: How You and Your Kids Can Thrive in 2022


A lot of things can be made more challenging by being a single parent. You have to rely on yourself to get things done and ensure your kids are happy and healthy. Being a veteran can present its own challenges, so it is crucial to find ways to thrive as a single parent and veteran.  

Fortunately, there is help out there. You are not alone, and there are many parents, veteran and civilian, like you out there. Read on for some of the ways you and your kids can thrive in 2022.  

Take Care Of Your Mental Health 

Ensure you manage any mental health concerns you have. Talk to your family doctor if you are worried. Find a therapist with experience working with veterans and see them regularly. Find a family therapist for you and your kids, particularly if they are struggling with your separation from their other parent.  

Exercise Together 

Ensure you and your kids get plenty of exercise. Make exercise time a chance to bond. Go for walks and hikes, play sports together, and encourage fitness interests in your kids.  

Eliminate Stressors In Your Daily Life 

Identify things that cause you stress and work to eliminate them from your life. Plan your time to ensure you don’t overwork yourself. Make changes when needed to ensure your life is as stress-free as possible. 

Make Your Home Base Permanent 

Buying a property can give kids much-needed stability. Consider VA loans that allow veterans to purchase properties without a down payment. Choose a suitable house with space for your children to grow. Find out whether you qualify and learn more about a VA loan application from the experts at Hero Loan.  

Take Vacations For Lasting Memories 

Take trips as a family and spend time bonding. Consider a camping trip or staycation to a nearby National Park. Let your kids have a say on where you go.  

Build Up Your Emergency Savings 

Save at least six months’ salary for your emergency fund. Continue adding to it whenever you can. Keep savings separate from your main account and use high-yield savings account to get the most out of the high-interest.  

Continue Your Education 

Continue your professional development to become more employable. Ask your employer if they can fund additional training and education. Look for opportunities and free online courses.  

Take Time For Yourself 

Take time to yourself when you can. Ask trusted loved ones to care for your kids and spend an afternoon to yourself. Do something you enjoy and avoid chores or errands.  

Cook Healthy Meals 

Cook healthy meals as a family. Teach your children about balanced diets and encourage them to try different foods. If you have a picky child, taking them grocery shopping, as letting them pick food themselves can help.  

Find Excellent Childcare 

Review the childcare options in your local area. Look for experienced, qualified childcare providers. Find out which friends and family are willing to babysit when needed. Vet anyone you leave your kids with thoroughly.

Photo by Randy Rooibaatjie on Unsplash