BOULDER CITY, only 20 minutes from the Strip. No gambling here! They offer a 35-mile trails system, Milos, a fantastic wine bar in the heart of downtown, plenty of resale and vintage shops, a monthly wine walk, and a giant Art in The Park festival in the summer.

The oldest hotel in Nevada is in Boulder City, and there is a new meeting venue, the Forge Social House, which is outstanding. This is a unique meeting space which also offers, by invitation only, “one-of-a-kind” dining experiences”, usually monthly or quarterly. All you need to do to receive an invite is to visit their website and sign up or by contacting the manager and get invited to their guest list. Great for even an afternoon getaway. See the dam and look out over the lake from the city. Stroll at your leisure, and maybe have homemade ice cream.

Whiskey Pete’s is in PRIMM on the state line and has 200 newly renovated rooms. There is also outlet shopping and a roller coaster here.

JEAN is 10 miles closer to Las Vegas and they have renovated their rooms and added the auto museum near Goodsprings and the Seven Magic Mountain art display.

GOODSPRINGS, halfway from Jean to Las Vegas has a bar that has withstood the test of time. Built in 1913, it was a tin shack ordered from Sears & Roebuck. It has been expanded and has music and great summer barbeques. This is where Clark Gable waited to hear if his beloved Carole Lombard had died in a plane crash into a mountain.

MESQUITE, heading out the other direction to Utah. With 3 casinos, 3 hotels, and 7 golf courses, leisure is the name of the game here. The new Rising Star Resort has 210 rooms, built to house plenty of sports teams. With pickleball, volleyball, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, and rooms that can accommodate up to 12 youngsters, they have new automated robots serving in certain areas. There is also a new Camel Safari just before you hit town. Stunning vistas from many areas. Want to try skydiving? They have that too. Don’t forget to use this as the jumping-off place for the Lost City Museum, and the Valley of Fire. There is a welcome center if you have questions on any adventurous trips you might want to take.

LAUGHLIN–Within an hour drive, sitting on the river featuring 9000 plus rooms and now with its own event center that seats 9300 people, it has already hosted Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood and plenty of others, KISS is coming this April. There are 9 hotels in Laughlin with 8 on the river, and 11 miles of heritage trails to explore. Take a leisurely water taxi from hotel to hotel or cross to the other side. Plenty of fabulous restaurants. The famous Chef’s Food Fest event every year in late spring is well worth the drive. Soon there will be American Airline service flying into Laughlin from 79 cities with only one stop.

A few miles past is the frontier town of OATMAN, where wild burros will try to steal any food you have out of your hand. Lots of bikers come down every Sunday just for breakfast; really an experience! Don’t miss the new vodka and rum distillery and the two wineries. The Animal Wildlife Sanctuary features plenty of jungle cats which the facility has helped over many years. The children will be amazed so don’t pass them by.