So Sweet Is the Smell of Life


“Walk the Turtle” 11/4/2019

Chillin’ on the porch… thinkin’ bout things… prayin’ bout stuff—pondering about how beautiful life is. Sometimes I find myself being happy and sad at the same time. As the holidays move closer my heart remembers many things; my mind races as thoughts of “yesterday’s gone” and “times ahead” collide.

Still letting go as a tear flows from my eye, I look up into the sky and whisper I love you, Jesus. Winds pick up as the breeze blows my hair and I think how sweet the smell of life is, how we embrace the moments shared in memories of those that cared. I see their smiles as I close my eyes knowing their spirits are by my side.

I caressed my skin and thought of your warmth. I lost myself within a vast journey of wonder and found myself inside the depths of pain. I look around at what I am now and see a child of God that carries the light of Christ. I realize today we are meant to live as we are created to be. A gift to each other given through our freedom and unconditional love.

Love you, Justine. Love and miss you, Brittany.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash