The Socumentary Launches on e360tv

For immediate release: e360tv has announced it will launch the short film Two Go in…One Comes out: A  Socumentary on Sept. 6, 2018!!


e360tv is an on-demand network that is available on all screens including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, iOS/Android, Roku, and many others and is geared towards the audiences that live in the mainstream, but whose hearts and minds are on the fringe.

“A Socumentary”? 

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the odd socks? Why is it that you can put a pair of socks into the dryer and only get one back? From the makers of BTS on the Road and Bengleton Socks Web TV series’ comes a film to answer these questions.

Follow investigative journalist Corg Pontell as he conducts interviews, chases down leads and may even be in mortal danger to get the answers we’re all looking for. What happened to the socks?

Corg Pontell and a cast of crazy, zany characters will keep you guessing and will, for sure, keep you laughing in this comedic short film.

Comedian/Actor/ Brian T Shirley has teamed up with Comedian/Actor Lance Morrison and Comedian/Producer Drew Howard (Drew Howard Entertainment) to bring together their first official short film.


Sprung from the imagination of Lance Morrison, what started as an episode of the Bengleton Socks Web TV series, quickly evolved into its own stand-alone film. Drew Howard came aboard and added much depth to his scenes and also pulled in cast member Keith Dee. Then there’s Bill Davis, Larry D Shirley, Sam Shirley, Tamara McClure, Rocky D (who plays two characters) and Blair Barna. Music by Veteran Comedian/Actor/Impressionist Pete DeLorenzo with his song “They All Remind me of You” and Veteran Comedian/Musician Charlie Wiener with  “Dumb Girl” adds so much to this film. Bengleton Socks logo by Artist Susan Fedor.


Download e360tv to your device and prepare to laugh your socks off!!


Two go in…one comes out: A Socumentary trailer 

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Comedian Brian T Shirley has been in the Business for 20 + years. His act is derived from growing up poor, divorce, the USAF, partying, relationships, infomercial's, sports, and more. He has performed all over the U.S., Canada,The Bahamas and Japan. He also works Country Clubs and corporate events all over the U.S. He has done special engagements such as a tour of Japan to entertain the troops, opening for Huey Lewis and The News, The "Laughter for Love" benefit for Va. Tech, & a Country music festival for Dodge trucks. Brian has performed @ The Jokers Wild Comedy Club inside the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island,The Bahamas & for Carnival Cruise Lines. Brian is also a philosopher.he's written 2 books of wisdom &wise sayings called "Make Love Not Warts", and "Four Score and Seven Beers Ago..." (Which recently won the "Amazing Book Cover Art Award" in a contest sponsored by LeRue Press) BRIAN"S THIRD BOOK , "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club" contains short stories about his life on the road as a professional comedian. Brian has created and hosts a WEB Series about being a stand-up comedian on the road called "BTS On The Raod" which can be seen on Youtube, American Hearts Radio WEB TV Network every Saturday @ 8 PM EST and in the online magazine No Strings Attached-E News. Brian's a weekly guest host on a segment called "BTS Entertainment Corner" on Janice Hermsen's radio program "What's The Story" every Friday @ 2:30 PM EST on Brian also co-hosts a monthly radio show on The Lina Jones Diamond Network called "The Lina and Brian Hour". Brian has done Voice over work for the award winning WEB Series "U.S.E." (2014) and the feature film "Inside Ben" (2016) and he's a main character in the animated feature "Professor Gravitron Saves The Universe" (2016).