Starting Over Again


This time of year is always a celebration of family and gift-giving. Celebrating the birth of a baby.

Most of all those I really want to talk to don’t have the availability like I do. I’m going to have Facebook friends loving me after they read this.

Many are without families, many are without money; both parents working to provide are not always able to give to their kids as they would like to.

Addiction is causing suicides.

Yes, there are special groups that are committed to giving to the less fortunate and rightly so—giver and receiver will benefit. But what about the other 11 months?

How personal is your giving? The new year of starting over…. Might there be those in nursing homes who would appreciate a valentine or a visit; who could you include in your 4th of July barbecue that may need some attention? When you plant your garden, who can you find to help you that you don’t know so well; do you know your neighbors?

So I’ve put myself out there….and I will go back over this and ask myself what I’m doing about what I’ve said.

Until next time,
May your days be filled with all you need and some of what you want.


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