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What Is Stevia? Is It Safe? 8 Good Health Benefits and Side Effects

portion-stevia-granulesIf you are going to make a single dietary change to boost your overall health from top to bottom, cutting out sugar is an excellent move.

If you have been thinking about reducing your sugar intake or quitting sugar altogether, you are probably searching for a replacement.

There are a number of artificial and natural sweeteners out there which you can use as an alternative, but most of the options are not all that appealing.

One natural choice which is appealing is stevia.

Not everyone is familiar with stevia, though you may have seen it in the health food section of your grocery store.

A decade ago stevia was relatively hard to find.  Nowadays, however, it is so popular that it is starting to show up even at restaurants.

Reach for a sugar packet for your tea or coffee and you may very well find a packet of stevia right next to it.

Is stevia a safe and healthy choice?  What is stevia?  Where do you buy it, and how do you use it to sweeten your food?

You likely have a lot of questions.

In this article, I will tell you all about this herb, its health benefits, and even how you can cook with it.

First, though, let’s talk briefly about why it is so important to cut sugar out of your diet.

If you are already sold on quitting sugar, just skip past the next section and start at “What is Stevia?” to learn all about one of nature’s best sugar alternatives.

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