A Stranger’s Kindess: EC Stilson

EC Stilson, Previously Known For Her Memoirs, Has Now Written a Fictional Romance.

askebookcover-smallerBased on a true story, Stilson’s romance novel portrays the hardships single mothers may endure while trying to raise their children, and possibly find a happy, romantic relationship again.  “I’ve been a single mother of four kids,” author, EC Stilson says. “I felt so alone, until finding a book club for single mothers.  The books we read—mainly about strong, single mothers—encouraged me so much that I began writing a story of my own.  My greatest hope with this publication is that A STRANGER’S KINDNESS will buoy divorcées through whatever their struggles may be, and give them hope that things will get better.”

According to Time Magazine’s Abigail Abrams, researchers say that only 50% of marriages will last.  Unfortunately, many people understand that the divorce rates in the United States are high, yet not many people address how hard going through a divorce can actually be.  EC Stilson has tackled these difficult issues with wit and humor—the kind that is sure to encourage any divorcée who reads this novel.

A STRANGER’S KINDNESS, isn’t all hardships, and tough issues though.  The story is written in first person, from the view of Gina, an eccentric woman in her thirties who will do nearly anything to make sure her two children are taken care of.  She’s landed a dead-end job at a food plant, yet still tries to see the good in everything so she can remain strong for her kids. It isn’t until she begins confiding in a stranger at work, that Gina’s story really blooms.  She discovers that you can find: friends in the strangest of places, hope even when surrounded by darkness, and kindness from someone least expected. She’s a single mother, taking life a day at a time, but when a selfless bachelor brings some excitement her way, he has the potential to change everything…. She’s never known a love like this.

Author EC Stilson was a part-owner and editor at Wayman Publishing. All three of her memoirs in THE GOLDEN SKY SERIES have become Amazon best sellers. She helped Wayman Publishing raise thousands of dollars for organizations such as: Angel Watch, the Pregnancy Resource Center, the American Diabetes Association and Primary Children’s Hospital.  Stilson currently works as a manager at a hospital in Pocatello, Idaho. When she’s not working her full-time job, parenting or writing, she is speaking at assemblies and signings, encouraging families at infant-loss relief groups, or spending every chance she can get with her husband.

This novel can be found as a paperback and eBook on Amazon. A STRANGER’S KINDNESS Release Date: 2/27/17

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