Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People


This past week, I had the pleasure of being on a wonderful trip in Cancun, Mexico. It truly was a fantastic week of celebration with all the winners from our sales contest. We had a total of 22 people there and what really amazed me was the wonderful camaraderie, along with the connections that everybody experienced.

While witnessing the joy of our group interacting during the activities this past week, I was reminded that on the road to success it’s important to be with like-minded people. I’m talking about people who are in life where you want to be, or people on the same positive journey as you.

As you are on your success journey, it’s important to actively seek people who are going to lift you up and inspire you. Your goal should be to be around people who are going to make you feel secure, confident, and inspired. Your squad should be people who make you feel joyful when you’re around them; the type of people who will always encourage you and help bring out your best.

Without a group who accepts and encourages you, you have a higher chance of being discouraged in pursuing your dreams and goals along with sticking to them. This is definitely true when you are trying to make some positive changes in your life. If the people you surround yourself with are not encouraging and uplifting, it can be hard to stay motivated.

When you are with like-minded people, they see the importance of your passion along with achieving your goals. They know what it’s like to go through difficulties and challenges, see the importance of never giving up, and they will be a great encouragement to you which will keep you motivated to achieve your dreams. These folks will consistently check on your progress and they will encourage you to keep going, especially through difficult times.

Doing things on your own, without a consentient group, makes tasks more difficult. Even worse, if you surround yourself with discouraging people or those who will not be there for you when times are difficult, you are decreasing your odds for success.

Keep this in mind, you are allowed to remove people from your life if they do not bring you joy and encouragement. You have the right to ditch the type of people who discourage you or make fun of your dreams. You do not need that type of negativity.

So let me encourage you to take an inventory this week of the type of people you are surrounding yourself with. Are they lifting you up or bringing you down? Who is on your team? Start hanging around with people who are where you want to be in life and get some encouragement from them. Make sure you are with people who are like-minded. They will help and encourage you to stick to your goals, never give up, and stay positive.

Make a commitment to find like-minded people and start hanging around with them. Be an encourager yourself and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Have a super fantastic week!


Regional Sales Manager RMS