A “Tail” of Resignation: Pirate’s Plight

This holiday season is bright in many ways. Homes are decorated with sparkling icicles and flickering lights. Children are dreaming of waking up on Christmas Day and finding that treasure they have longed for.

But the reality for one sweet soul at the Newland Street Humane Society in Huntington Beach is a cold, concrete pen.

This little guy has spent many long months at the shelter and I have written two stories about Pirate hoping that someone very special would open their home and heart to welcome him in.


We have, or rather had a routine. He would jump up and down happily when I’d take him out for a stroll and we both savored our petting sessions while sitting on the curb of the Edison access Road. He would put his cheek next to mine and close his eyes while I told him how beautiful he is. He always sighed with contentment.

From his little snaggletoothed smile to his shiny, soft black fur, the special quality that made him stand out was his happy personality.

Finally, a few months ago, Pirate was adopted. He had a home and I breathed a sigh of relief. After all, this little survivor deserved a warm bed and a lap to call his own.

Two weeks ago while looking at the list of available dogs, the night before I was going to volunteer, I was dismayed to see Pirate’s photo again on the list of available dogs.

The worst-case scenario had happened. Our boy was returned.

Now, I have to say that he was overjoyed to see me and some of the other people at the shelter, but I know that he thought it was just going to be a temporary visit and he would soon be back home.

Fast forward a few weeks and he realizes that he was no longer wanted. He is not joyful but rather resigned.

He sits with me at the curb midway through our walk and stares away into space. Is he remembering how wonderful it was to have a home, even if it was just temporary? I don’t know.

Often I see dogs go into a deep depression while in confinement, but not so with our little buccaneer. I can honestly say that he is trying to deal with his plight by doing what is required of him. But the joy isn’t there anymore and I am very concerned.

I don’t know why he was returned, because as far as I can see, he is a perfect little gentleman. Not a fancy purebred, but a noble dog of mixed heritage with great potential.

Please consider helping Pirate find his way home for Christmas