Terry Fator–Best Show for 12 Years

Is there a single person who has visited Las Vegas and not seen a Terry Fator show? Impossible. The winner of AGT’s second season, who got a 10-year contract with the Mirage then moved to NYNY, has now officially made The Strat his new home. The showroom is the perfect size for him, and with the giant tv screens to amplify watching him “NOT MOVE HIS MOUTH”, we know he is the best impressionist in the world! It is absolutely amazing watching and listening to his over 100 voices. 

Terry’s new showtime is 5 p.m., which leaves you with plenty of time to still see a second show in the same evening. He is full of fun, jokes, and beautiful songs—his own voice is simply amazing. His standard cast is there composed of Winston the turtle, Walter, Vicki the cougar, Duggie the annoying neighbor, Fernando, along with new faces, David Bowie, Elton John, Justin Bieber, Dolly Parton, Sammy, Frank and Dean.

Fator is definitely the most world famous ventriloquist and singer; he gave a mesmerizing performance on stage at the Strat, working with 19 different puppet heads singing in 19 different voices, all in one single song. I have never seen anything like this. There is no disputing that his talent, which has been honed for a lifetime, is amazing. I love the new show and the new showroom. Well done.

Thank you to Terry Fator & company, Michael Caprio Media Design, the Strat, and all those at the front and back of house that made this show possible. Hosting all of us media last night with a great party at the 108th floor with a view of all of Las Vegas. I highly recommend this show for every age. Thank you. Free parking in the self park.