The 4th “No lie can live forever” ~MLK

The 4th

“No lie can live forever”  ~MLK

By Florida Night Train


America, where dreams come true. As I sit here reflecting on the abundance of blessings America received starting with freedom from tyrannical government in 1776, I look at current issues and can’t help but to wonder where in the world we are heading. This quote comes to mind resonating like a gong; “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

You see, I feel for as long as I can remember we have benefited from generations of strong men creating good times and now we are in the good times milking every benefit we can which is resulting in weaker and weaker generations. These generations, like a spoiled child, just continue to ask claiming entitlements with a victim mentality and demanding more and more. A lot of folks would love to “socialize” the land of the free. Nothing wrong with taking care of our own. Thing is, I see a lot of virtue-signaling being used to guilt and justify initiatives with a flair of arrogance, with a mob mindset hostile to the very fabric of our freedom and values—Judeo-Christian values. We need to stop that and take a stand against these manipulative mentalities. If we don’t, it will be disastrous.

Personally, I don’t understand how we came to the point where we take better care of foreigners than our veterans. How do we glorify athletes paying them millions for playing a sport while we pay military recruits just under ~$30K per year for defending us? We teach our sons the false glories of sports and we neglect teaching them the magnificent beauty of warrior heroes who sacrificed their own lives for us all. I can’t build a bathroom in my house or cut a tree without a permit. We argue about which bathroom is the right one to get in. It’s wrong to assign a gender event in the face of scientific biological evidences because feelings matter more than facts it seems. We now have young ladies twerking online making millions. We give them all the limelight whereas the hard working moms are looked upon as if their lifestyle is insignificant. Masculinity is vilified and characterized as toxic, but when someone needs protection they sure are happy to count on a masculine force. ~80% of divorces are filed by women because of “lack of commitment, cheating, arguing and conflict” and we forget the vows we said, “for better and for worse”. Other countries, it seems, are dependent on USA and if we don’t support them we are criticized and guilted into it. If that doesn’t work then fear is always a good fall back, and we just eat it all up.

Canadians, for example, love to give their opinions about how the USA should be run. I know, I was born there. Today, some members of my family will not speak with me because I call a spade a spade. You want to socialize? Here is how it is in Canada as a sample; your income taxes there will run between ~25% and up to about ~55% depending how much you make. Then you will pay anywhere between ~7% to ~15% sales tax on just about anything you buy. That said, if you are in the higher bracket you really are looking at almost ~70% on your earned dollars going to “social programs”. This leaves you with ~$0.30 on the dollars to pay your bills. 

But they have “free” education and healthcare, you say! That is when I start laughing. Let’s look at healthcare shall we? First off, healthcare professionals up there such as doctors will be paid ~$80K to ~$400K with RNs being paid ~$60K to ~$80K. If you need any fancy technology such as MRI, CAT Scan or whatnot, it is only available in certain larger populated areas. Someone from a remote location needing such tests might need to travel extensively on their own dime after a waiting period of several months, sometimes as long as a full year. It is not uncommon for people to wait a full day in a waiting room before being seen. Rumors have it that it’s gotten so bad, some Canadians are now coming to America paying for healthcare so they get better care and they don’t have to wait. But no one talks about that. Free healthcare? Let’s not get into how the Canadian governments use tax payers’ money.

All that said, Canada’ s population is about 38 million people. Immigration has been and remains the most important factor in Canada’s population growth. So here we have a country of 38 million people criticizing (for the most part) America, a world power country of ~330 million people for how they should run America! Then we have haters of America in other parts of the world who envy our freedom, want our freedom but treat their own women, children, and gay communities in ways that will make you cringe with horror.

So where am I going with this? Well I want to wish you all a superb July 4th yes, but by almighty God please think carefully how you spend, where you spend, and who you support by spending and by voting. It’s the policies that matter. The person too, but the policies are the meat on the bones. November is around the corner. Things aren’t always what they seem and we learned that by discovering we cannot take things at face value anymore. So much more could be said but I’ll stop here.

America is beautiful. America is still blessed. 

“No lie can live forever”  ~Martin Luther King

God bless America and every single soul within.

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