The Depth of Heartfelt Moments


“Walk the Turtle” 1/27/2020

A brilliant ambience of enchanting memories dance inside the depths of the heartfelt moments we have shared with certain significant souls during our course set forth by the ever changing currents of time.

An emergence of passive intuition is given through our insight within the vortex of our genetic form. Compiled by waves of sincerity and the humbleness of sorrows endured, we give all of ourselves to love as we place a commitment to another’s heart.

A spiritual thread of fabric that is woven into the tapestry of our life is created during each second we have existed. Among these, images and faces that linger during our reminiscence and daydreams gives us the perspective and understanding of fate as we strive towards wisdom in faith.

Inspiration and encouraging words by those that truly care give birth to the essential essence for the comforting to one’s heart.

Held by the tranquility of stillness we can feel God’s grace as we walk the turtle with grateful thoughts to those in our life.

Inspired by the love of Brittany Danielle Withers, Justine Sue Haley Acevedo, and Brittany Nichole Casey.